Yookidoo Freestyle Princess Play Set



Great Value 2-in-1 play set. Early Stages - Development of Motor Skills and Tactile Stimulation - let your baby explore the toy with his fingers, mouth and skin. The princess character has been specially developed from different fabrics to stimulate tactile development. The rattling beads will help your baby focus on fine motor skills. Cause & Effect Processes - Shaking the frog rattle will activate sound effects & music that will enhance your baby's understanding of 'cause & effect'. Repeating this action, your baby will eventually learn how to activate the rattle. Eye-Focus and Head Control - Shake the rattle to one side of the baby encouraging him to turn and look for the sound. Comfort and Transition Object - The friendly characters may also be used to transitional or comfort object. These can help children make the emotional transition from dependence to independence; helping him fall asleep and reassure him when separated from you, or frightened. Despite myths to the contrary, transitional objects are not a sign of weakness or insecurity, and there's no reason to keep your child from using one. Battery operated motion activated frog-princes rattle with music & sound effects. Musical frog-princes rattle features colorful sliding beads, multiple textures, crinkly parts, a rattle and an easy to grab handle - perfect for tiny grasps. On/off button - for silent play. 2 products in 1 set. 2 Yookidoo Fun Link to attach set pieces to almost anything.

Package Content:

1 x Yookidoo Freestyle Princess Play Set

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