Side Metal Tables X2

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Product Dimensions: L: 47x47x61 / S: 40.5x40.5x53cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 5.80kg
Length: 49.00cm
Width: 49.00cm
Height: 64.00cm


Metal makes for a fantastic material to use for your dining or patio table as it is strong, durable and very versatile. A table is a place where you can eat together or play board games with your family and friends, so something that is both comfortable and stylish will suit all your needs.

The two nested tables are inspired by the Bauhaus design?metalwork and their unique metal structure give a look that's equally modern and industrial. Its organic design consists of tabletops that sport a beautiful centric floral design, ornate patterns within concentric circles along with curve shaped borders in white and a round metal base that has a neutral colour to match any colour scheme.

Ideal for small spaces, you may place these together or scatter them around your home and they'll grab eyeballs no matter where they are. Their integrated design where one table is bigger in size makes it easy to use them as a table and chair or tuck one inside the other when not in use.

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