LOTUS Set of 4 Shopping Trolley Bags Reusable Cart Cooler Bag with One Bonus Set

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You may not have any more single plastic bags to use. But not to worry. Here is an even better eco-friendly idea. Our shopping trolley bag system makes it easy for you everytime you head for the supermarket. It comprises four reusable shopping bags of various sizes to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout. When shopping, rack the system and spread it out along the trolley for a series of open and upright bags to sort out your groceries. The bags are reusable and can be separated for single or any combination of use. Better still, the bags now comprise a useful cooler bag to keep your groceries insulated from heat, and egg and wine pockets to hold fragile items. Not least, they can be rolled up into one ensemble for easy carry. For a limited period only, buy one set and get another set free!

*Free set may differ in colours and design but is still compatible for use with shopping trolleys.

*Reusable and eco-friendly
*4-colour bag set
*Four different-size compartments
*Easy attachments
*Mesh bottom
*Easy to use
*Foldable and rollable
* Compatible for use with all supermarket trolleys

*Four Dimensions:
*S dimensions: 35cm x 22.5cm x 43cm
*M dimensions: 38cm x 23cm x 43cm
*L dimensions: 43cm x24cm x 46cm
*XL dimensions: 51cm x 25cm x 46cm
*Colour: Purple, Light Blue (insulated), Dark Blue, Brown (Bonus shopping trolley bags set may be in different colours)

Package Contents
1 x Reusable Trolley Shopping Bags ( Set of 4)
1 x Bonus ( Set of 4 )

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